Welcome to WattBusters Energy Conservation Kits and Water Saving Products

WattBusters is designed for those in need of energy and water conservation products that improve water and energy efficiency in your home and/or business. Our energy conservation products reduce electricity consumption and pay for themselves in energy savings. We offer energy saving products, water conservation products, and weatherization products that reduce water and energy usage. Our water efficiency products include low flow showerheads, water conservation kits and other water saving devices. Our draft sealing products include home weatherstripping to improve energy efficiency, save on utility bills and reduce electricity usage. WattBusters energy conservation kits and weatherization kits include an assortment of energy efficient products such as, energy saving compact fluorescent light bulbs, energy saving light fixtures, LED lights, aerators, solar items, programmable thermostats, window plastic kits, LED night lights, weatherstripping and sealing, and more. Energy efficient lighting saves energy and reduces electricity consumption. WattBusters is your source for water conservation and energy efficiency products.