Lighting Kits

Wattbusters Lighting Kits are an intelligent mixture of our best-selling Compact Fluorescent and LED lighting technologies. You can dramatically reduce electric costs used for lighting by purchasing any of these kits. We'll help you see with Mini-Spirals, Covered-Spirals, 3-Ways, Floodlights, Bright Whites, Night Lights and more. We even include the guide "Energy Savers -- Tips on Saving Energy and Money at Home" by The US Department Of Energy. Order a kit today and light em' up! CALL 1-800-517-1611 FOR CUSTOM ENERGY CONSERVATION KITS!!!


Small Energy Efficient Lighting Kit (12 Items)

12-Piece Energy Efficient Lighting Kit. This small lighting kit offers big savings for little investment. It's perfect for anyone interested in replacing their incandescent lamps with CFLs and LED technology.

Our price: $39.99
21 Piece "Reader" Lighting Kit
21-Piece "Reader" Lighting Kit. If you find you're buying larger, more powerful bulbs to read by, this kit is for you. It includes energy-saving, bright 5000K bulbs for better color rendering and definition.

Our price: $149.99